Goal of European Centre

Regardless of age and gender, chronic diseases can attack any person. Whether it is a diabetes, heart problem, asthma, or any other long-term disease, anyone can experience it and suffer from it. The citizens of Northern Ireland rely on the services offered by the European Centre for Connected Health especially the older people who have difficulty in doing activities alone at their homes. With the help of the new technologies, anyone having chronic or long-term disease in the country can at least live an independent life.

Staying alone at home especially for older people is not easy. But after the establishment of the European Centre for Connected Health, the older people with a chronic disease could feel a little bit comfortable even if they are alone at home. They can have a remote monitoring service for their conditions. The goal of the Centre is to improve the quality of health and social care services for the people who are suffering from their diseases. People with respiratory and heart disease rely on the Centre’s health services.

From the country’s health minister down to the Centre’s staffs, they said that they will make sure to provide health and social care services to the whole nation’s  population. In addition, they will think of new and effective way on how to help the people especially the older people having chronic diseases. Northern Ireland will do its best to become a model health and social care provider to achieve one of its major goal. The main focus is to develop the region as a connected health economy.